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We are looking for independent Sales Representatives in various European countries (United Kingdom, Netherlands, France, Spain, Germany, ...) to sell-in distribution for our portfolio of brands in both the on & off-premise channels. 

Base Pay: Attractive base draw or commission (based on volume) 
Bonus: Additional Commission on sales

​Independence: you determine your own time and geographical proximity. We are absolutely fine if you combine this role with another work opportunity.

These positions requires experience in the beverage or food industry. Preference for a passion of spirits and beer.

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The origin of gin can be traced back to Belgium, Brugge with the first published recipe of a spirit made with juniper berries (the main ingredient in gin). Belgin's artisanal Belgian gins are the result of 500 years of Belgian distilling history since giving birth to gin, Belgian's rich spice trade going back to medieval times and the craftmanship from Belgium's famous beer and culinary history. Belgin continues the story of gin with unique new flavours such as Fresh Hop and brings a new level of gin quality back to the country that started it all.

Belgin Gin Video – Handcrafted Belgian Gin & Spirits

The history of Gin starts in the Low Countries (Belgium) in the 15th century

To find where ‘gin’ comes from we need first to find the origins of genever/jenever, the prototype combination of grain spirit and juniper berries and other botanicals. According to the National Jenever Museum of Belgium it was first produced in Flanders in the 13th century. At this time, this area was part of the Low Countries that also included what is now Holland, bits of Northern France and Luxemburg.

Originally used as a medicinal tonic or a herbal medicine, it wasn’t long before genever was being drunk for pleasure. Again the transition lacks precise dates and written records but one source of information is the numerous records of taxation levied on distilleries throughout the Low Countries from the late 15th century onwards.

The first recorded mention of genever as a distilled beverage flavored with juniper and botanicals was in 1552, in a book called Een Constelijck Distileerboec by Antwerp-based Philippus Hermanni. That’s not to say there are no other recipes yet to be found and diligent historians will keep looking no doubt. But, knowledge tended to be handed down orally then, as not everyone was literate.
The English first met genever during the Eighty Years War (1568-1648) when the armies of France, England and Spain fought over religion, politics and territory in the Low Countries. Here, English mercenaries were introduced to the local grog, given to steady their nerves before battle.

 What makes Belgin ginS a triple gold award-winning gin?

  • Incredibly smooth, yet delightfully complex
  • Award-Winning: we won immediately a gold medal at the WSWA Spirits Tasting Competition in USA and we won two gold medals at the Gin Masters 2016 in London. Not bad since these are the only two competitions we have entered so far. 

  • BELGIN Dry Gins are masterfully crafted in a traditional copper alembic still with a unique multi-step distillation process for an undeniably smooth taste experience. 

  • Belgin Gin applies advanced filtration techniques that protect the flavours of the botanicals (or the fresh fruit for our Raspberry Rosé) while eliminating the harsh alcohols. The result is an incredible smooth taste without any loss of flavours obtained during the distillation process.

  • Most gins have a harsh finish when drinking pure over ice. Belgin achieves a higher quality so that it can be drunk on its own over ice. 

  • Made with incredibly soft and purified water, for a smoother taste.
  • We distill certain botanicals separately and others in group. In addition, we macerate fresh herbs or fruits for extra fresh flavours. The European definition does not allow these innovative techniques in a London Dry. That is why we are much better than a London Dry.

 C'est Bon, C'est Belge, C'est Belgin

  • Belgin gins are Belgian gins inspired by:

             - 500 years of Belgium expertise in distilling Jenever, the forefather of gin with its                  main ingredient of juniper

             - Belgium's rich spice trade, going back to medieval times when it imported spices
               from around the world through the ports of Brugge & Antwerp

             - The famous herb and botanical gardens from Belgian monasteries and Abbeys                        which have been a wealth of flavor inspiration

             - Belgium's famous beer tradition (all Belgin gins include fresh Belgian hops)

  • Belgin gins are ultra- refined, wonderfully elegant and smooth while fully delivering flavour, body and character

  • Handcrafted in Belgium in small batches.​ We are an artisanal craft distiller and our batches are as small as a few bottles and are fully made by hand. The result is considerably more wondrous and of incredible high quality.

Belgin Gin