Belgin Gin

The classic pairing of gin and raw oysters is a quintessentially cool experience. Think about the combination of flavors. The floral and citrus notes of fresh hop gimlet gin cocktail complement beautifully the sweet and fresh taste of the oysters. A gimlet is easy to make: 4 parts fresh hop & 1 part sweet lime juic

Fresh oysters & Fresh Hop gimlet
St Cruyt with blue cheese

Fried scallops, chicory and cucumber tartare paired with Belgin gin Fresh Hop

Courtesey by Kris Kookt

Belgian chocolates infused with Belgin gin

Gin is great to pair with food either as a gin tonic or with a specific gin coctail. Our five different gins can be matched with a wide range of dishes going from seafood such as salmon, oysters and crab to cheeses and Belgian hors d'oeuvres.  Here are some of our favorites Belgin gin food pairings:

- salmon gravlax, combining well with the smokiness of the salmon, alongside the dill and pepper in the marinade. 

- a perfect complement to crab and firm white fish. Appetizers, such as crab cakes, work well, as do salads dressed with crab.

- Cheeses: Belgin gins are a beautiful partner to strong, hard cheeses like Manchego, or even Cheddar. It is also lovely when served with hot goat's cheeses such a smoked Chevre

- The pairing of a high quality craft gin with fresh oysters is heavenly. Gin can also be used to add a few drops over the oysters.

C'est Belle, C'est Gin, C'est Belgin 

Belgian hors d'oeuvre paired with Belgin gin
Salmon marinated with Belgin gin