Belgin Ultra is crafted for a wider variety of cocktails: gin & tonic, gin martini, pink gin, negroni

Ultra smooth yet delightfully complex flavor

  • The botanicals used are dried and a variety of the best distillation techniques are applied including batch distillation, distillation of individual botanicals, infusion of botanicals as well as maceration.
  • ​Belgin is crafted with ultra pure water, which is an incredible pure and soft water. The type of water has a significant influence on the smoothness of the flavors and the proprietary ultra pure water enables the smooth finish.
  • Proprietary filtration system takes out all off-flavors and achieves an ultra smooth sipping experience

Ultra sophisticated distilling approach

Belgin Ultra 13 is handmade with ultra high quality ingredients. Its distilling method is ultra sophisticated which results in  an ultra smooth yet delightfully complex flavor. 

Gentiaan Root


Lemon Peel

Mediterranean region

Lime Peel



South India

Aroma Fresh Hops



Mediterranean region







Orange Peel

Mediterranean region


East Europe



Juniper berries

East Europe 

Belgin Ultra is handmade with a special blend of 13 high quality natural botanicals 

Soft Coriander from the Mediterranean region

The selection of the finest Juniper berries is critical and it shows that our master distiller's family has been making Juniper based spirits since 1928.

Belgin Ultra - Ultra Refined Dry Gin

Ultra high quality ingredients

Smoothest Pink Gin out there

Let's just say a traditional Pink Gin is not for the fainthearted (it is a famous Navy drink after all) - although, if made with Belgin Ultra, it's one of the smoothest Pink Gin out there and considerably smoother than one has any right to expect.

Belgin Ultra & Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic

1:1 ratio Gin & Tonic

- 1 part Belgin Ultra

​- 1 part Fever Tree Mediterranean Tonic

- Garnish with coriander leafs and black pepper grains

Pink Gin with Belgin Ultra

Belgin Ultra & Goldberg Tonic

- 1 part (5cl) Belgin Ultra

- 2 part (10cl) Goldberg Tonic

- Add Orange peel

  • Belgin gins are DRY GINS. There are no sugars added during the process.​

Belgin Ultra's botanicals are harvested from the best locations in Belgium, Europe and Asia. Juniper berries are critical of any gin but it is a well kept secret that Belgium actually invented the first use of Juniper berries in an alcoholic beverage. No wonder that Belgian gins taste so good.

Belgin Gin

Tonic pairing: Belgin Ultra 13 with Syndrome Tonic

The Belgin Gin Old-fashioned Cocktail


- 1 part Belgin Ultra, 2 parts Tonic

Garnish: fresh coriander leaves, zest of lemon and juniper berries

Use a slice of lemon instead of a zest of lemon for a more refreshing G&T

- Muddle 1 teaspoon white sugar, 2 dashes (2ml) Angostura Bitters and 1 tablespoon of water.

- Twist a lemonzest and rub the inside of the glass with the lemon oils.

- Add the zest to the glass as well. Pour 6cl Belgin Gin and add one big cube of ice.

- Stir for 30 to 40 seconds and enjoy!