50 Shades of heaven

The Holy Grail of gin has arrived

We can't reveal all the botancials used in Belgin St Cruyt but we can say is so finely distilled, you can also enjoy it neat or on the rocks. Like all Belgin gins, we distill in a traditional copper alembic.

Discover with each sip the 50 shades of heaven in this holy grail of gin. 

St Cruyt be Thy Name

500 years of medicinal and gastronomic herb cultivation at Belgian monasteries

  • Belgium is famous for its abbeys and monasteries (41 in total). From medieval times, they kept herb gardens to provide medicine and food for the monks and for the local community. Herbs were cultivated in the ‘physic garden’ composed of well-ordered rectangular beds.
  • In the 16th century, many missionary monks were sent to newly discovered lands and brought newly found plants from Asia, the Americas and Africa back to the monasteries. The monks developed an unparalled knowledge about botanicals from around the world.
  • This long history of spice trade has made its way into Belgium’s famous beers and gastronomic cuisine.
  • This gin celebrates Belgium’s monastic herbal knowledge and it unites the best ingredients from Europe, Africa, Asia and America together as only a Belgian haute-distillery can do.

Belgin St Cruyt martini cocktail

Belgin St Cruyt embodies 500 years of Belgian distilling
expertise and centuries of tradition cultivating herbs at
Belgian monasteries.

In our quest to craft the holy grail of gins, we have dusted
off ancient herbal elixirs and discovered long forgotten
medicinal herbs and spices recorded in history by Master
Monks. With this divine knowledge and our pursuit of
perfection we have blended the world’s finest botanicals
with herbs and spices still grown and used in Belgium’s
Abbeys today.

Belgin St Cruyt, named after the old Flemish word for herb is the world’s first Abbey inspired dry gin.

Savour the harmonious choir of 50 perfectly balanced botanicals and monastic herbs.


​The world's first Abbey Dry Gin

Whether with tonic, as a martini, or gimlet, the unique and complex taste of Belgin St Cruyt is an ideal basis for both classics and more eccentric cocktails. We brought together for the first time a harmoniously balanced complexity of the four main botanical taste groups:


- Fruit: different forest berries provide an inviting nose

- Flower: a blend of various flowers such as lavender flower 

- Citrus: we use both traditional citrus such as lime, coriander and cardamom with more exotic citrus such as verbena leaves and marjoram

- Spice: various juniper berries are combined with classical abbey herbs such as rosemary, sage, thyme and angelica root

Belgin St Cruyt & Belfleur elderflower cocktail

Gin and Tonic:


Classic: 1 part Belgin St Cruyt / 2 parts tonic

For a connaisseur Gin & Tonic, you could also do a ratio of 1 part St Cruyt and 1 part Tonic.


We prefer more neutral tonics as a canvas for all the various flavours to be present. Fever Tree Indian Tonic or Schweppes Original are excellent choices.

For a more flavorsome experience, we can also recommend Schweppes Pink Pepper tonic as a great pairing with Belgin St Cruyt


Given the quality of Belgin St Cruyt, it is fine to drink it without botanicals. Discover the harmonious layered taste with Fever Tree Indian tonic and sip for pure enjoyment. Nothing else comes close!

Here a few more botanicals that work excellent:

- Juniper berries and garnish of lemon

​- lime and sage

Devotedly handcrafted with 50 perfectly balanced botanicals inspired by Belgian Abbey Herb gardens. 

The perfect pairing of a connaisseur gin with a craft blue cheese

Alcohol by vol: 43%

Number of botanicals: 50

Belgin St Cruyt and blue cheese pairing

Forgive me Father for
I have Ginned

Belgin Gin