Belgin Gin

Belgin Fresh Citrus Dry Gin

Gin Tonic perfect serve


1) 5cl gin combined with 15cl Fever-Tree Elderflower for a sweeter touch
2) 5cl gin combined with 15cl Fever-Tree Indian or Schweppes Premium Original if you want to leave the citrus in all its glory


- zeste of citrus or fresh lemongrass

Handcrafted in a traditional copper alembic with a supreme blend of 19 perfectly selected botanicals including fresh Amalfi peel, Mediterranean lemon & lime, divine verbena and crisp lemongrass.

19 botanicals

38% alc/vol

Our most refreshing gin

This is our most refreshing gin that we handcraft at the Belgin gin distillery. We manually (yes!) peel all the Amalfi lemons which are only available in limited quantities twice a year. The Amalfi lemon we use in this gin, only grows on trees that are found on the Amalfi coast in the Italian province Campania, in Southern peninsula Sorrento. The fruit doesn’t get treated with anything but respect and every year only limited harvest is allowed, all of the picking has to be done by hand. She’s bigger than the regular lemons and has a sweeter taste. We separately macerate the amalfi peels to preserve all the amazing flavors and then blend them with the other botanicals afterwards.

The Crazy Siciliano cocktail

-5cc Belgin Fresh Citrus (amalfi citrus - lemongrass - verbena)
-2 cc Cointreau
-2 cc Sugar cane 
-2 cc lime juice

-Ice & white egg shaked

🌿Rosemary leaves