Belgin Gin

 C'est Bon, C'est Belge, C'est Belgin

  • Belgin gins are Belgian gins inspired by:

             - 500 yearsof Belgium expertise in distilling Jenever, the forefather of gin with its                  main ingredient of juniper

             - Belgium's rich spice trade, going back to medieval times when it imported spices
               from around the world through the ports of Brugge & Antwerp

             - The famous herb gardens from Belgian monasteries and Abbeys which have been
               a wealth of flavor inspiration

             - Belgium's famous beer tradition (all Belgin gins include Belgian hops)

  • Belgin gins are ultra- refined, wonderfully elegant and smooth while fully delivering flavour, body and character

  • Handcrafted in Belgium in small batches.

 What makes Belgin gins special?

  • Incredibly smooth, yet delightfully complex
  • Belgin is crafted with a perfect blend of 13 natural botanicals from Belgium, Europe and Asia, including a hint of aromatic Belgian hops for a perfect taste. 

  • Belgin Gin is filtered longer, for a smoother taste.

  • Most gins have a harsh finish when drinking pure over ice. Belgin achieves a higher quality so that it can be drunk on its own over ice. 

  • Made with incredibly soft and purified water, for a smoother taste.
  • Belgin with its subtle nuances and an amazing taste, is a perfect choice for Gin and Tonic lovers.

  • Delicious taste: herbal with a subtle balance of citrus

  • Alcohol content/ proof:
                 - Ultra 13:       41.4% (82.8 proof)
                 - Fresh Hop:   40% (80 proof)

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